Stoffel began his Domino’s journey as a pizza delivery driver at the young age of 16 in 1997. While working in a Domino’s store at night, Stoffel attended university during the day and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business. Eventually climbing the corporate ladder, Stoffel became a regional manager overlooking three stores, before buying his first store and becoming a franchisee in 2006, all while he was still studying. Stoffel sold his four stores in 2010 and took on the challenge to build a corporate store system in the Netherlands, which at the time only consisted of franchise stores. When Domino’s Pizza Enterprises acquired Joey’s Pizza in Germany, Stoffel led the corporate system and played a significant role in bringing Domino’s High Volume Mentality to Germany. In 2017, Stoffel moved from Germany to France to take on the role of CEO. With a strong knowledge of the Domino’s business, a high energy level and a passion for pizza, Stoffel is determined to continue breaking records and setting bars higher as he leads the team in Germany.