Jack was born in Canada and moved to Australia at the age of 27. Opening his first KFC store in December 1969 with 30 brave Canadians lending him $10,000 each for 35% of the company. Now Jack is the chairman and managing director of the CFAL group of companies which has sales revenue of $1.4 billion and Net Shareholders Funds of $600 million. Hungry Jacks is the Burger King Master Franchise Holder for Australia with 360 restaurants. The company exports food products to 26 countries and has won several Australian Export Awards. Jack is the owner of 98% of the group shareholding.

Currently Jack is a director of public company Fairfax Media. He is also a Director and 40% shareholder of BridgeClimb; which is a major tourist attraction in Sydney. In March 2014, Jack was announced as the Chairman of Domino’s Pizza Enterprises. Jack brings a wealth of business and industry experience to this role.