Domino’s is helping singles find their pizza soulmate

Gorinchem – November 15, 2018

Pizza Four Cheese or Pizza Hot & Spicy? Medium or Italian, eat in or take out? Each to their own, when it comes to pizza. Domino’s introduces an app that matches pizza lovers, based on their shared pizza preferences. In the app, users answer pizza-related questions that loosely reflect their personality traits. ‘How sweet are you?’ ‘Pineapple as a pizza topping, yes or no?’ From Thursday November 15th, you can download the app from the various app stores. In addition to online flirting, Domino’s is hosting date nights across the country, in November and December.

From online pizza flirt, to real life pizza date!

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. And the same goes for women, frankly. Dating apps are no longer exclusive to singles looking for true love. Today, you can find dating apps matching people based on distance, level of education or appearance. Domino’s’ Marianne Kemps explains: “The love for pizza and the trend of matching based on specific characteristics led us to a luminous idea: why not combine the two in a dating app? Tell me, what’s more fun than finding your pizza soulmate and, after some online pizza flirting, have your favourite pizza together?”

All of the ingredients for a fine match

After downloading the app, users have to answer a number of questions. Such as ‘Eating your pizza with a knife and fork or without?’ or ‘Olives on a pizza: go or no-go?’ Based on your preferences, your personal pizza profile is made. Then, the app starts looking for your perfect pizza soulmate. Do you have a pizza match? Let the chatting begin! The app comes with a built-in ‘cheesy pick-up line’ feature. Marianne Kemps goes on to tell us: “The cheesy pick-up lines are not just a fun way to start a conversation. They can also serve as conversation boosters, when you run out of things to say. Of course, as soon as you meet in real life, we’re no longer here to help. It’s all up to you”. In November and December Domino’s is organizing date nights at several stores. Check for dates and locations.

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Nathan Scholz