Domino’s has confirmed it continues to pay team members penalty rates, including on Sundays, with wages among the highest in our industry.

Domino’s team members are paid according to the Modern Fast Food Award, which means they receive penalty rates for late nights, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. This includes delivery drivers who are hired as employees, not contractors, with the same entitlements as other team members.

Nick Knight, Domino’s CEO Australia/New Zealand, said the company was proud to pay wages among the highest in the industry.

“Domino’s do pay penalty rates on Sundays, Saturdays, late nights and on public holidays, where many of our competitors don’t pay penalty rates at all – some pay drivers as ‘sham contractors’ where they are not even afforded the minimum of superannuation, minimum shift engagement and workers compensation.”

Mr Knight said stores, most locally-owned by small business owners, apply a small surcharge on Sundays and public holidays, that partially offsets this additional cost.

“It’s a small charge that helps offset for our local franchisees the cost of doing business on that day.”

Mr Knight said the Company would welcome a level playing field, allowing local stores to compete on product quality, service and image.

“We would love to see a level playing field – we would like our local franchisees to compete on our food and our service, not who can pay their team members less.

“We try to only charge more when it costs us more – we believed a surcharge on just some of those days when higher penalty rates apply, was fairer than charging higher costs on other days.

“Our team members receive wages among the highest in our industry for two reasons – firstly, because we’ve made the decision that our drivers are team members, not pretend contractors, and secondly, our team members are paid on the modern award, not expired agreements, with full penalty rates.

“I challenge the public to go and ask people at their local fast food chain what penalty rates they receive at late nights, on Saturdays and Sundays, and I think they will be very surprised by the answer.

“Until there is a level playing field, we look forward to leading from the front, and rewarding our team members, as they deserve.”

Nathan Scholz